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Keeping things simple.

From sourcing to placement, AIM will provide you with the best-prescreened and qualified candidates suited for your library and information center.

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Permanent, Direct Hire and Executive Recruitment Services

Don't get overwhelmed with screening hundreds of resumes from unqualified candidates applying to your job. Let AIM do what we do best: source, screen, recruit and present only the best candidates for the job, saving you time. Through continuous sourcing, recruiting and networking, AIM has a rich pipeline of pre-screened library and information professionals and support staff. 

AIM Recruiting Fee: Contingent upon a successful placement, you can expect to pay 20% of the hired candidate's median salary.  AIM guarantees that in the event of turnover for any reason within 90-calendar days of placement, AIM will re-open the recruitment and supply additional candidates at no charge for three months. If no replacement is found, the company forfeits the placement fee. 


Temporary, Contract and Consulting Services

AIM offers flexible workforce solutions to help libraries and information centers save time and money by alleviating them of recruiting, employment liability and compliance burdens during the ebbs and flows of the business. Highly skilled librarians, information professionals, and library support staff are in demand and you can count on AIM to help you find them as needed.

AIM Staffing Fee: An all-inclusive hourly bill rate is charged to the library or information center for every hour each temporary/contract professional works. A minimum 50% mark- up is added to the employee's hourly wage to ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment laws and cover mandatory costs of payroll taxes, benefits, insurance, and administrative management.

Let AIM help you find the right candidates for your library and information center!

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